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The Atlas Foot Alignment Institute specializes in care of a host of foot issues, including ingrown toenails and misaligned feet. With a focus that is centered on the needs of the patient, AFAI certifies doctors through their rigorous program to ensure they provide foot care to exacting standards. Those who have been trained and certified by our offices provide exceptional foot care experiences backed by our comprehensive and evolving knowledge base.

Certified Since 2018

Our office became certified in July of 2018 as part of the AFAI network of associated offices. This represented one more in a long line of certifications that places our practice among the most respected providers of podiatry care in the United States. This certification ensures that our care is provided by a team of expert podiatry specialists using the latest technology, imaging equipment, and treatments in our field.

A Network Of Powerful Communication

Our certification as part of the AFAI network of peers does more than let us place a new seal on our docket. It comes with an astounding information base and think-tank of some of the greatest minds in podiatry. Cases are discussed, treatments explored, and ideas presented which means our patients have a nationwide team of specialists looking after their care. Don’t leave your podiatry care to chance, take advantage of the services offered at our clinic, and the benefits of working with an AFAI certified provider.

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