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Flatfeet occurs when the arches on the inside of your feet flatten, allowing the sole of your feet to touch the floor when standing. Having flat feet is one of the most common and painless conditions, and many people live with flatfeet as a normal part of their daily life. However, injuries, aging, and obesity can worsen the conditions and cause pain in the heel and arch area. At Dr. Steber’s podiatry clinic, we can help diagnose and treat pain caused by flatfeet.

How to Know When to Treat Flatfeet

For some, the condition is hereditary, and for those who have lived with flatfeet, the condition doesn’t cause them pain, and thus treatment is unnecessary. However, if flatfeet develop later on, then preventative treatment can help slow the progression of flat feet and even completely heal it. Some causes of flatfeet include:

  • Obesity
  • Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction
  • High-impact sport injuries
  • Shoe Types
  • Occupation
  • Activity level

To know when to treat flatfeet, our podiatrists and staff members can help assess the severity of your condition. If you’ve been experiencing pain when walking, aching when wearing shoes, and swelling over time, then we can recommend non-surgical and surgical treatments for your flatfeet. However, no treatment is necessary if flatfeet don’t cause pain.

Non-surgical Treatments For Flatfeet

If your flatfeet are painful, then Dr. Steber will recommend the following treatments:

  • Arch Supports: Arch supports, also known as orthotic devices, can help relieve pain. You can purchase arch supports in shoe stores and over-the-counter pharmacies, but at our office, we can create custom-designed arch supports that mold to the contours of your feet and help reduce the symptoms. 
  • Supportive Shoes: Structurally supportive shoes can make a huge difference when it comes to managing flatfeet pain. Our doctors can recommend types of shoes, shoe brands, and shoe stores that you can purchase to help support your flat feet.
  • Stretching exercises: For those who have flatfeet and a short Achilles tendon, practicing stretching exercises can help relieve pain over time.
  • Physical Therapy: Physical therapy has been proven to help relieve foot and ankle pain overtime, especially if flatfeet has occurred from sports injuries.

Flatfeet Reconstructive Surgery

Flatfeet reconstructive surgery can relieve pain if the condition has begun to damage the tendons and nerve endings throughout the foot. It can also be procured as a cosmetic treatment and can help patients regain better balance and pain management relief.

Our procedure involves putting the patient under a general anesthetic to reduce pain during the operation. During the surgery, our surgeons will create incisions into the foot to open the area where the faulty tendon lies. Then, the tendon will be removed and replaced with a flexor digorum longus tendon to reconstruct the foot. Our surgeons may also perform a calcaneal osteotomy, which involves making a cut into the heel bone to reposition the foot with a metal screw so the arch can be supported.

After the surgery, we will plaster the foot cast to the knee, and during the first few weeks, you will need to have constant elevation, and we will schedule follow-up appointments to track the progression of your wounds so your feet can heal properly.

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