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Bunions are a common ailment that is frequently misunderstood by patients and the general public alike. They manifest as a bump or protrusion at the base of your big toe. This bump is the result of that joint coming out of alignment and can be extremely uncomfortable for the patient and require special footwear to accommodate. Lapiplasty is a treatment innovation that makes it possible to correct this condition and get our patients back to an active, pain-free lifestyle. If you’ve been suffering from bunions and want to be free from the pain and discomfort they bring, it’s time to learn more about Lapiplasty.

What Are Bunions and What Causes Them?

The misconception that bunions are a bony growth that can be shaved down is common while being completely incorrect. A bunion is the result of the joint that connects your heel to the bones of the big toe being unstable. This instability causes the joint at the base of your big toe to come out of alignment, widening your foot, and causing significant pain. The causes behind bunions vary but can include a genetic predisposition to the condition. Biochemical balances resulting from changes in weight and structure can also be responsible, making this condition particularly common in pregnant women.

What Symptoms Indicate I May Have A Bunion?

Bunions are not always immediately painful but may become painful over time as the condition worsens. Before they reach this point, you may experience pressure on the side of your foot, and shoes that were previously comfortable may seem tight. The area may appear swollen or tender, or may even experience moments of numbness. Visual symptoms include a bump forming on the top or side of the foot near this joint, while pain in this area is a clear indicator that a bunion may be present or forming.

Lapiplasty Performs Better Than Traditional Bunion Treatments

What Is Lapiplasty And How Does It Treat Bunions?

Lapiplasty is a procedure that helps return your normal foot function and structure through the use of special tools that rotate the joint and place it back in its proper position. Titanium screws and mountings are then put in place to stabilize the joint in place safely and securely. Healing time for this procedure is typically reduced, and most patients are able to walk with the assistance of a boot just days after the surgery. No casts are required, and downtime is generally minimal, making it easy for you to get back to enjoying life, free from bunion pain.

We are a prestigious Centurion Center that has performed over 100 Lapiplasty 3D Bunion corrections. If you’ve been struggling with symptoms associated with bunions and are ready to take meaningful action to resolve your condition, make a call to 570-657-6851 today. Our friendly staff will schedule an appointment and set you up with medical paperwork that you can fill out prior to your arrival at 2 Jennifer Court, Ste. A, Carlisle, PA 17015. During your appointment, you’ll see Dr. Seth J Steber and undergo an examination, which will be followed by a consultation covering the treatment options available to you. Don’t let bunion pain keep you from getting out and enjoying life, call today, and take your first step!

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